A while ago we switched from lead strips to ceramic rings for our bushes. Below you can find some reasons for this switch.

In the first place we have made this change because ceramic rings, unlike lead, are 100% safe for the environment. This is of course of great importance in an aquarium in which fish live.

In addition, the price of lead keeps rising. Given the amount of lead that we were using this was clearly noticeable. Together with the other disadvantages we therefore decided to switch to an alternative; ceramic rings.

At Stoffels International we believe we are part of the community we work in. We've been working together with 'de Vijverhofschool' for years, providing tasks for children with disabilities.
By working with us they gain work and social experience in a fun and supervised manner. This makes it easier for these children to find a job in the future.

The June edition of Pet & Garden Pro (nr. 90) contains an article about Stoffels International at Interzoo 2012. The editors of Pet & Garden Pro were especially enthusiastic about our new insect boxes.
The article is displayed below (only available in Dutch / French).



Because of its unique structure Spiderwood is a beautiful eye catcher in every aquarium. The possibility to grow plants and moss on it to create landscapes makes it very suitable for aquascaping!
Spiderwood is available in 3 different sizes: Small (20-30 cm), Medium (30-50cm) and Large (50-70 cm) and can be used both above and under water.

The Spiderwood from Stoffels International comes with a full color label that contains all required information for sale and use.

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