fir tree
New in our assortment: Vesicularia 'Fir tree' (Art.#: 11265).
A unique Javamoss specially cultivated in the shape of a Fir tree brings a new dimension to Aquascaping. Also suitable for nanotanks or themed tanks.

This plant is easy to maintain and is available now in time for the holiday season!
We have added 'Easy-Life Root Sticks' to our assortment.

These sticks feed your aquarium plants directly from the root.
The sticks release their nutrients gradually and do not fall apart in water.

Each pack contains 25 sticks. The sticks can be broken in smaller pieces to feed plants with small roots.

This product is now available!
Stoffels International has been awarded the silver trophy for best supplier of aquatic plants at the 8th edition of Animal Challenge Trophy in Paris.
We would like to thank the people who have voted for us.

easylifeEasy-Life ProFito is no longer available in 2 litre package. Instead, we now sell ProFito in a 1 litre container.

In addition we have added two more Easy-Life products to our range:
- Easylife (Fluid Filter Medium) 1 litre
- Easystart 1 litre

The above described changes become effective immediately.

Furthermore all Easy Life products now come in a black, square bottle. The product information will be shown on here in different languages.
Our frozen prey animals will soon come in a new packaging.
This new package brings a number of improvements with it. Below you will find a list of the most important changes:
  • Content of the package is more clear. By showing the product itself on the package the content will be immediately clear.
  • Fresher look which is more eye-catching. Brighter colours that attract the attention of the customer.
  • Front is French/English, back is German/Dutch. This allows you to place the main language for your customers at front.
  • Different illustration for every sort. This way it is instantly clear which kind of product it is.
Despite these changes the price of the blisters will remain the same.
Of course, the quality will also be of the same level as you are used from us.