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Anubia BarteriCryptocoryne Wendtii GreenEchinodorus GrandiflorusVallisneria Spiralis

Our aquarium plant range is reputed to be the most comprehensive in the world, with over 250 selections each week, catering to every customer request. We accomplish this by cultivating plants in our own glasshouse, sub-contracting with local growers and importing plants from South-east Asia all year round.

From common best-sellers such as Anubia Nana and Cabomba Caroliana to exotic varieties such as floating Versicularia "Sputnik", we continually refine our plant offerings. We have plants in 5 cm netpots, leaded bushes, terracotta pots, on square pads, grown on drfitwoods, bamboo, coconut shells and, of course, loose. All our aquarium plants are packed with plant labels indicating the name, price group and other relevant data.

We offer an ever-expanding range of plants to suit most customer requirements, with over 250 varieties grouped into the following categories:

Aquarium plants in 5 cm plastic netpots
Most aquarium plants are cultivated in this form, with rockwool in a 5 cm diameter net-pot. Therefore we offer the widest choice of aquarium plants in this category

Mother Plants in 7 cm and 9 cm pots
Mother plants refer to extra large aquarium plants which are grown in 7 cm and 9 cm diameter plastic pots. These are suitable where instant displays of large plants are needed, in a larger aquarium tank, for shows, as a solitary plant or to demonstrate plant growth potential instantly

Aquarium plants in ceramic rings
Our bushes come in ceramic rings which are environmentally friendly and 100% safe for fish and other aquarium creatures. Due to the weight of the rings the plants will sink to the bottom of the fish tank.
These aquarium plants in ceramic rings replace our plants on lead strips and plants in terracotta pots.

Bushes in ceramic rings - Stoffels International

Aquarium plants on driftwood
Aquarium plants grown on driftwoods in our nursery provide the easiest and natural way to set up an aquarium tank. We offer driftwood plants in two sizes with more than eight plant varieties.

Plants on bamboo sticks
We pioneered the introduction of versicularia (javamoss) grown on bamboo stems, which are available in 3 length sizes. These are ideal as instant tank planters, requiring no work by the customer.

Plants on coconut shells
Plants grown on half coconut shells are not only convenient and decorative but also serve as a shelter for small crustaceans, cat welsh and cave-dwelling fishes. We offer these in the following plant sorts:

  • Versicularia Dubyana
  • Anubia Nana
  • Microsorium Pteropus
  • Microsorium Windelov

Plants on pad
Plants cultivated on pads measuring 8x10 cm are ideal where foreground plants are needed to cover a larger floor area. This style of plants is made to mimic the natural growth as found in river beds and estuaries. The following plants are available as plants on pads:

  • Lilaelopsis Novazealandia
  • Eleocharis Acicularis
  • Glossostigma Elatinoides
  • Micranthemum Umbrosum

Loose plants
Our range include floating plants for surface décor as well as exotic solitary bulb plants such as aponogeton and crinum varieties. These are also suitable for potting or planting on driftwoods.

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