Frozen prey animals for reptiles

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Our prey animals are SPF kept or bred in certified farms where they are fed with a special vitamin-rich diet.
SPF stands for "Specific Pathogen Free", which means that these animals are free of pathogens and tested. Unlike commercial breeders, we provide only the safest and animal-friendliest treated prey animals.
As a purveyor of many zoos and breeding farms for protected species, we guarantee our quality!

Blister packs

As of early 2012 we also offer our prey animals in a convenient blister packing.
Because of this ingenious packaging our products have a clean and friendly appearance in the store and in the freezer at the customer's home. Because the animals are individually packed, they remain the best stored and can be fed in a clean and hygienic way.

Through our wide range of different mice and rats there is always a suitable prey for your pet available. Below an overview of our range;


Baby mice 1-2 days (16 x 1,5-2 gr.)
Baby mice 2-3 days (12 x 2-3 gr.)
Fuzzy mice (9 x 5-6 gr.)
Young mice ±7 days (7 x ±8 gr.)
Young mice ±9 days (6 x ±12 gr.)
Adult mice (4 x ±17 gr.)
Adult mice XL (3 x ±20 gr.)


Baby rats (7 x ±8 gr.)
Fuzzy rats (4 x ±18 gr.)
Young rats (3 x ±22 gr.)


In addition to our blister packing Stoffels International also sells larger containers of frozen prey animals. These are derived from Blijkie B.V. The motto of Blijkie, "Healthy food for healthy animals", translates into a good and reliable product.

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