Live food for fish

live Tubifexlive enchytraeenlive daphnien

Our live fish foods are hygienically packed in 45ml, 90ml and 180ml plastic sachets with barcode.
As freshness of product is key to our quality we don’t keep live food in stock. These products are available on advance orders only and are delivered to us every Monday.
This way we can guarantee you the best quality.

The following sorts are available in the previously mentioned sizes:

  • Artemia (breed)
  • Daphnia (water flee) (breed)
  • Enchytraeen (breed)
  • Small shrimps (transport sensitive)
  • Red mosquito larvae
  • Red mosquito jumbo larvae
  • White mosquito larvae
  • Tubifex
  • Copepod (seawater) (breed) live plankton, seasonal

A lot of these insects are very active during the summer. This reduces their shelf life.

In our stock list you can also find large packages of some of these products. You can find the stock list by clicking the link on the right side of this page (download stocklist).

Life food orders have to be sent to us before noon on Friday.
Life food is send from Monday till Thursday.

Fixed delivery

You can make a fixed order which can be changed or cancelled at all times. The delivery of this order can be scheduled every week or once every 2 weeks. This will ensure you of an on-time delivery.

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