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Spiderwood is available in 3 different sizes: Small (20-30 cm), Medium (30-50cm) and Large (50-70 cm) and can be used both above and under water.

The Spiderwood from Stoffels International comes with a full color label that contains all required information for sale and use.


GranuPor can be used solely as the main pond substrate, or mixed with gravel or sand, giving considerable improvement to ground substrate circulation.
  • GranuPor is a 100% natural product, made from ceramic clay.
  • Due to heating to a temperature over 1000°C GranuPor is completely germ free.
  • GranuPor provides better water circulation and heat dispersion.
  • GranuPor improves the growth of roots and therefore the plants.
  • GranuPor is economically in use, easy to clean and re-usable.
  • Due to the prefect round structure of GranuPor it is harmless to fish.

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